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From time to time we may send out email messages alerting you that products are available, to remind you about providing feedback or for promotional offers. In addition, you will receive communication from us

1) if you contact us for a particular reason,
2) to receive your orders, or 3) we need to contact you for administrative purposes such as winning a contest.

Administrative e-mails will not contain promotional materials. If you choose to receive our News Letters, they will contain promotional materials from Domenetworx.

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Our Use of Cookies

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Cookies are pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer’s hard drive which identify you when you enter. The ability to select samples on our site is not cookie-driven. We may use session cookies to provide a seamless experience on the site and to combine with our log files so that we can understand our site traffic and analyze our demographic information in aggregate form.

If you have set your browser to reject cookies, our site will not identify you when you enter and you will need to manually type in your ID and password.

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Site Security

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All Domenetworx employees take your personal information very seriously. All employees must learn and obey our security policies. Access to member personal information is limited to key management personnel and our member services department.

The information is ID and password protected and our Web security is reviewed on a monthly basis. We have also installed and implied our site with a 128 bit encryption SSL.

Daily Backups

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We have set our servers to create daily backups of all hosting accounts, which enables you to restore your hosting account with the click of a button. Complete server backups and snapshots are done twice a month and backups stored on removable drives.

Data is stored and backed up for the period of 12 months.

Clients that cancel their hosting accounts have the option of creating and downloading a full website backup before account is terminated. Backups for terminated accounts will not be backed up, and old backups will be cleared.